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Payment in 3 installments without charge by bank card

The MisterDiscount store now offers you the possibility of paying your order in 3 installments at no cost!

This formula was set up because it is simple and much more flexible than conventional credit providers, and makes it easier to order an expensive item or several copies of an item ...

Alma payment 3 times without fees

What is the proposed formula?

We offer payment in 3 installments free of charge and secure, from 100 € of purchase and up to 2500 € maximum in partnership with the Alma service!

Payment in 3 installments without charge is made upon validation of your order by sending a single fractional payment authorization, with 3 payments received over 3 months, on the due date of the first payment.

Secure payment in 3 installments without charge by bank card

Procedure and implementation of payment in 3 installments:

When ordering, you can choose the payment option Alma 3 times CB and you will have access to a simulation of the proposed monthly payments, before giving your agreement.

On the payment page, a schedule will be offered to you and you just need to validate it by entering your bank card information and your personal details.

From then on, you will be offered to pay a first monthly payment (corresponding to a few cents to a third of the amount) and Alma will take care of paying us the entire order.

And that's all !

You will receive a confirmation email and you will be debited the following 2 months by a third of the amount, each month, on the due date indicated.

Thanks to this ease of payment for you and this security for us, we will be able to start immediate shipment of your product, as if you had purchased it in full, because Alma will guarantee payment for us.

You will need to make sure that you fund your bank account when due, so that everything goes as planned, because in the event that our service provider cannot recover the funds, it will take care of recovering them with all possible collection tools.

The personal data that you communicate to the provider Alma, managing your payment in 3 installments, will never be communicated to third parties and will remain private and confidential.

For more information on the payment in 3 installments, do not hesitate to contact you by phone or on our contact form.

If you are skeptical, do not hesitate to inquire about Alma. It is a trustworthy organization, because it is approved and supported by well-known financiers (founder of Private Sales, founder of Price Minister, founder of The Phone House ...).